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Intel Pro 100+ network card driver for NEC PowerMate ML1 Slim Tower

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Download and Installation Instructions

Intel Pro 100+ network card driver for NEC PowerMate ML1 Slim Tower

Download and Installation Instructions

Network Driver for NEC PowerMate ML1 Slim Tower

This card is available as option.

Download the self-extracting file to a predetermined folder on your hard drive. Unzip the file, by double-clicking it, to the default location C:\. When finished, proceed as follows:

1.Click My Computer with the secondary mouse button and select Properties from the pop-up menu.

2.Click the Hardware tab, click the Device Manager tab. Click Network Adapters, then double-click the driver already listed (Intel 100+ Pro detected by Windows 2000). In the Ethernet Adapter Properties window, select the Driver tab.

3.Click the Update Driver button, the Upgrade Device Driver Wizard will appear, click the Next button

4.Select Search for a suitable driver for my device (recommended) and click Next

5.Select Specify a location and click Browse...

6.Browse to the folder C:\INTEL

7.Click OK, click Next, and follow the on screen instructions

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