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NEC CD-ROM Detection Utility V1.00.16 for NEC Versa VXI (8 MB video)


File Name: CDINIT-16.exe
Version: 1.00.16
Posted: Aug 17, 2000
Operating System: Windows 95, Windows 98
Description: NEC CD-ROM Detection Utility V1.00.16.
Tech Notes
RELEASE TYPE: External TITLE: CDINIT Installation Diskette for WFWG/Win95/98 VERSION: 1.00.11 PLATFORM: All Platforms LANGUAGE: English O/S: WFWG/Windows 95/98 ENGINEER: Chad Hawkins DATE: 1/6/00 INTRODUCTION: This is the release of the CDINIT Installation diskette. This installation diskette installs CDINIT V1.00.16 for both Windows 3.11 and Windows 95/98. This diskette uses the System Installation Utility to do the installation. The System Installation Utility is an InstallShield application written to allow easy and simple installation, which is driven by an external INF file that describes what steps are needed for the installation of a package. ADDED FEATURES: Updated installation with CDINIT v1.00.16. BUGS FIXED: None. KNOWN RESTRICTIONS: None. TEST RECOMMENDATIONS: Install the utility. Verify that the proper lines are added to dosstart.bat or autoexec.bat (depends on OS) and that the CDROM is operating properly and that the drive letter is correct according to the "set cddrive=" line. Also, install it twice to verify it removed dup lines properly. REFERENCES: CDINIT Installation Diskette for WFWG/Win95/98 v1.00.10. PREVIOUSLY RELEASED COMPONENTS: System Installation Utility (SIU) v3.42.06 (SIU release zip file CDINIT v1.00.16 (12289902) COMPRESSED FILES: In the release zip file: SYSINST.Z - This file can be decompressed using InstallShield3's ICOMP.EXE. This file is compressed during the course of the build. To decompress: icomp sysinst.z *.* -d -i _SETUP.LIB - This file contains InstallShield3, 16-bit support programs: _ISRES.DLL(16-bit), UNINST16.EXE and CTL3D.DLL _SETUP32.LIB - This file contains InstallShield3, 32-bit support programs: _ISRES.DLL(32-bit), UNINST.EXE, CTL3D32.DLL and CTL3D32S.DLL. BUILD INTRUCTIONS: Tools included: InstallShield3 16-bit, Icomp.exe, Packlist.exe, SIU 3.42.06 This release is a combination of the installer program, System Installation Utility (SIU), an installer directive file, SYSINST.INF, a compressed file of all the applications it loads, SYSINST.Z, and its associated packing list, SETUP.PKG. The SIU is a previously released application, and the directive file, SYSINST.INF is included in this release. To build the compressed file, the applications are located in a subdirectory structure, and this entire structure is compressed using InstallShield's compressor. The packing list generator creates the packing list. 1. Format a 1.44 Mb diskette. 2. Make a working subdirectory from the root directory and change to it. MD WORKING CD WORKING 3. Copy source zip file onto \WORKING subdirectory, then run "PKUNZIP -d source zip file". 4. Obtain the SIU release zip file and place it in your working directory then run PKUNZIP -d 11089905 5. Insert the formatted disk into the floppy drive. 6. Type "REBUILD a:". The installation floppy is created. INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: For Windows 95/98 1) Install Microsoft Windows 95/98. 2) Go to directory where cdinit utility is with Windows Explorer or My Computer 3) Run setup.exe. For Windows 3.11 1) Install Microsoft Windows 3.11. 2) Go to directory where cdinit utility is with File Manager 3) Run setup.exe. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- NOTE: In the DATA directory, there will be one subdirectory for each application, and optionally a special subdirectory for each application that will contain files to be installed into the appropriate WINDOWS directory for that application. These directories contain the files that would be loaded on a target system in the form that would be needed to run the application. Applications Subdirectory ------------ ------------ CDInit program and supporting CDINIT files CD-ROM Drivers DRIVERS

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