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NEC Versa M370 BIOS-M370SE and Versa One

NEC Driver

  • File : Bios115M370.iso
  • Size: 3014656 bytes
  • Release date: 21-03-2008 14:03:39
Install Notes CAUTION : Do not use USB bootable key to flash your Bios. It can damaged your motherboard

Download the .ISO file to a temporary folder on your hard disk,and burn the Bootable CD using your favorite Burning ROM Software. Then Boot from the CD and follow the instructions.
Your BIOS will be updated BIOS into version 1.15 and Keyboard Controller Firmware into version 4.13.
Note that system will shutdown at the end of the process.
Major update :
- Support of Penryn CPUs for Santa Refresh motherboard
If the Bios is not successfully updated, please try another time to flash the BIOS

This BIOS is compatible with Santa Rosa and Santa Rosa Refresh motherboard version

If you need more explanation on MS-Model, click here
Importance Critical
Version BIOS 1.15/KBC 4.13
Operating System WinXP/Vista

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