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NEC Versa M370 Modem driver

This NEC Modem Driver is for NEC Versa M370,The MDC Modem is 56K Data/Fax V.92.

  • File : modem_2172.exe
  • Size: 796703 bytes
  • Release date: 17-10-2007 16:10:27
Install Notes This is a self-extracting zip file. Doubleclick it after download to extract the contents to a temporary folder. Next doubleclick the Setup file to launch the installation. Pay attention to install first the Audio drivers before itrying to install modem drivers. The Audio drivers will install the audio part of the modem. Then, you will be able to install the modem drivers without any problem.

Importance Normal
Version 2006.2.1.72
Operating System Windows XP

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