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NEC Versa P600 video driver

NEC Versa P600 video driver download.

Specifications Enhanced 2D
  • 256-bit internal path
  • 8/16/32bpp
  • DirectDraw*, GDI, GDI+
  • Anti-aliased text support
  • Alpha blending
  • Alphas stretch blitter
  • Hardware alpha blended RGB cursor
  • Color space conversion
  • 5x2 overlay support
  • Rotate, scale and translate operations
High-performance 3D
  • 256-bit internal path
  • 32bpp/ 24ZorW/ 8 Stencil
  • DX7*/DX8*/OGL*1.1
  • DXTn texture compression
  • Up to 4 textures / pixel on a single pass
  • Cubic reflection map
  • Embossed/DOT3 bump mapping
  • Multi-texture
  • DOT3 bump-mapping
  • Point sprites
Video and Display
  • DirectShow*/DirectVA*
  • Hardware motion compensation support for DVD playback
  • 4x2 overlay filter
  • 350 MHz DAC frequency
  • Maximum DVO pixel rate of up to 330MP/s
  • Flat panel monitors and TV-out support via AGP Digital Display (ADD) cards
  • 350 MHz DAC for 1800x1440 @ 85Hz max CRT resolution or [email protected] max FP resolution
  • Synchronous display for dual monitor capabilities
  • 350MHz RAMDAC for up to QXGA analog monitor support
  • Dual DVO ports for up to QXGA digital display support
  • Multiple display types (LVDS, DVI, TV-out, CRT)

Install Notes Download the self-extracting file, the folder C:\PNP\VIDEO will be created, double cliclk setup.exe to start the instalation.
  • File : P600XP.exe
  • Size: 7106048 bytes
  • Release date: 5/9/2003 10:42:00 AM
Operating System WinXP
Version 1.0



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