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NEC i-Select D3610 driver

Information and Instructions

Video Component  ATI RADEON 9600 LE RV350 128 MB DDR graphics Card + TV-out Name: ATI RV350 LE / Radeon 9600 LE
Type: 2D/3D Video card
Manufacturer Chipset: ATI
Manufacturer board: Gigabyte 
 ATI Radeon X1600 (RV530) video card 256 MB DDR (CTR/DVI/TV-out) Name: ATI Radeon X1600 Pro
Type: 2D/3D Video Card
Manufacturer: ATI
 ATI Radeon 9800 PRO 128 MB DDR graphics Card DVI + TVO Name: ATI Radeon 9800 PRO
Type: 2D/3D Video card
Manufacturer: ATI 
Sound  SoundBlaster Audigy2 SB0240 Sound Card Name: SoundBlaster Audigy2
Model: SB0240
Type: PCI sound card
Manufacturer: Creative Labs 
Core  Motherboard Eberly (GA-K8VM-P-NF) Name: Eberly (GA-K8VM-P-NF)
Type: 礎TX motherboard
Manufacturer: GIGABYTE

instr_bios_eberly1Eberly (GA-K8VM-P-NF) Jumpers and Connectors 
CPU  AMD Sempron 3000+ 
 AMD Sempron 3300+ 
Keyboard and pointing device  NEC Keyboard NEC Keyboard 
 Mouse 3D W/BLUEWHEEL Logitech Mist White Type: Mouse 3D
Manufacturer: Logitech
Colour: Mist white with blue wheel 
 Logitech Pilot Wheel Mouse Optical Logitech Pilot Wheel Mouse Optical 
Storage Components  CDR HLDS GCR-8480B 48x Name: GCR-8480B
Type: 48x ATAPI CD-ROM Player
Manufacturer: HLDS (Hitachi LG Data Storage) 
 LG Combo Drive CDR-DVD GCC-4120B 12x/8x/8x/32x Product Name:LG Combo Drive CDR-DVD GCC-4120B
CD-R record speed: 4X/8X/12X
DVD reading: 8X
CDR reading: 32X
CD-RW record speed: 2X/4X/8X
Manufacturer: Hitachi Lucky Goldstar Data Storage (HLDS)
 HLDS GCE-8483B CD-R/-RW Drive Product Name:GCE-8483B
Type: 48x CD-R/24xCD-RW Writer (for high speed CDRW media)/48x CD-ROM Player
Manufacturer: Hitachi-LG Data Storage 
 HLDS GDR-8162B DVD Drive Name: GDR-8162B
Type: 16x DVD-ROM/40 xCD-ROM Drive
Manufacturer: LG / HITACHI, HLDS group 
 HDD Maxtor Calypso series Manufacturer: MAXTOR
Name: CALYPSO - Diamond Max Plus 9
Type: 3.5-inch IDE
Speed: 7200 RPM 
 HDD Maxtor Falcon series Manufacturer: Maxtor
Name: Falcon - Diamond Max 16
Type: 3.5-inch IDE
Speed: 5400 RPM 
 HDD Seagate U9 series Manufacturer: Seagate
Name: U9
Type: 3.5-inch IDE
Speed: 5400 RPM 
 HDD Western Digital XL80 Caviar Series Type: 3.5-inch IDE Hard Drive with Ultra DMA/100
Manufacturer: Western Digital
Speed: 7200 RPM
Cache: 2 MB 
 HLDS GCC4480B CD-R/RW-DVD Combo Drive Product Name: GCC4480B
Type: 48x CD-R/24xCD-RW Writer(for high speed CDRW)/48x CD-ROM Player/16x DVD Player
Manufacturer: Hitachi- LG Data Storage 
 Lite-On LTR-48246S CD-R/-RW Drive Product Name: LTR-48246S
Type: 48x CD-R/24xCD-RW Writer (for high speed CDRW media)/48x CD-ROM Player
Manufacturer: LITE-ON 
 NEC ND-1300A DVD盧W Drive Name:ND-1300A/GEN
Type: 16x CD-R/10xCD-RW Writer(for high speed CDRW)/40x CD-ROM Player/12x DVD Player
4x DVD-R/2x DVD-RW/4x DVD+R/2,4x DVD+RW
Manufacturer: NEC
 HDD Seagate Alpine Series Manufacturer: Seagate
Name: Alpine / Barracuda 7200.7
Type: 3.5-inch IDE
Speed: 7200 rpm
Density: 80 GB/platter
Cache: 2 MB 
 Sony DW-U10A-10 DVD+RW / DVD-RW / CDRW Multidrive Name: DW-U10A-10
Type: 24x CD-R / 10x CD-RW Writer (for high-speed CD-RW) / 32x CD-ROM Player / 8x DVD Player / 4x DVD-R / 2x DVD-RW / 2,4x DVD+R / 2,4x DVD+RW
Manufacturer: Sony 
Modem  Aztech CNR2900-W (C1) SEC modem 
Network  PCI Lan Board NIC 3Com Chinook (ST06) Full ATX / Flex ATX Name: 3Com Chinook (Based on 920-ST06 3Coml chipset)
Type: LAN Adaptor PCI card
Manufacturer: 3Com 
Chassis  PowerMate / PowerMate i-Select Convertible Chassis   
Multi Media Components  Logitech WingMan Gamepad Extreme Logitech WingMan Gamepad Extreme
8-way D-Pad, 10 programmable actions buttons and motion sensing integrated
Logitech WingMan Gamepad installation 
 Joystick Logitech WingMan Extreme Digital 3D   
 Camera QuickCam Express Merced Product: QuickCam Express camera
Manufacturer: Logitech 
 Logitech Z540 4.1 speaker system Model: Z540 4.1 speaker system
Manufacurer: Logitech
Totale power ouput: 40 W RMS (subwoofer: 20W, satellites:4x5W) 
 CREATIVE?INSPIRE 5.1 5300 Speakers   
How to configure...
BIOS  Eberly BIOS Setup Utility 
Software and Drivers  Logitech WingMan Gamepad installation 
Support articles (FAQ)
Software  The NEC Windows XP Certificate Of Authenticiy (COA) sticker seems of poor quality There is a hole in the Windows XP COA 
 Primo DVD fails detecting LG / HITACHI GCC-4120B combo drive 
 PowerDVD 3 cannot play some DVDs with the Combo DVD HLDS GCC-4120B 
Storage Device  How can I find compatible DVD media for my DVD-rewriter? 
 Explanation of DVD Recording drive types 

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System BIOS

BIOS 3.30D For PowerMate i-Select XL6 et i-Select 3610

Device Firmware
HLDS GCC-4120B CD-RW/DVD combo drive firmware update

Audio Drivers for PowerMate i-Select XL6
Logitech ImageStudio XP

SW DRV MSP2900 V3.40.03FA WXP

SW DRV MSP2900 V3.40.03FA W2K

Video Component
ATI RV350 LE / Radeon 9600 LE video driver
ATI Radeon 9600le display drivers

ATI RV350,RV280SE Video Drivers
ATI Radeon display driver


LAN Drivers for PowerMate i-Select XL6

VIA 4 in 1 chipset driver for PowerMate i-Select XL6, i-Select D3610

Multi Media
Logitech Wingman Drivers

Logiciel Logitech Wingman

Utility Network  
Network name replication patch

Application Modem
SW DRV MSP2900 V3.40.03FA W2K

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