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Nec Versa P570 IAMT driver

This NEC Driver is for NEC Versa P570.If you bought a machine without Operating System we strongly suggest you to use one of the Operating System certified for your product with the latest Service Pack.NNALxxxxxxx (Intel 965PM chipset)

Install Notes This is a self-extracting file. Doubleclick it after download. The contents of the file will be extracted to C:iamt folder.
You will find two folders :
- HECI : Launch the setup.exe to install the Intel Management Engine Interface which is the interface between Intel Management Engine firmware and the host computer
- LMS_SOL : Launch the setup.exe to install the Intel Active Management Technology Local Management Service driver which allows to redirect the display of the remote computer to the management consol.
It will also add IAMT System Status Service which will display status of IAMT under OS (Enabled or Disabled)
Importance Normal
Operating System Windows XP (32bit)/Vista (32 and 64 bits)

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