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SW DRV MSP2900 V3.40.03FA WXP for nec i-Select D3210

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SW DRV MSP2900 V3.40.03FA WXP for nec i-Select D3210

This is the driver for the MSP2900 modem.

The CNR2900-W (C1) SEC is a Plug and Play card if the AC97 modem option is enabled in the BIOS; Windows automatically detect it as a CNR Serial Controller and look for an INF file containing the hardware ID. On power up the board will be configured optimally and the software drivers will be added. It also detects in registry the localization of the Regional Settings to correctly set the DAA. The settings and drivers can be viewed via the SETTINGS/ CONTROL PANEL /SYSTEM /MODEM / of Windows.Intervention is limited to the physical hardware and connections : Plug the card into the CNR slot. If the motherboard has an on board codec the connection is made through the CNR socket.

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