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Versa VXi (8MB Video) BIOS Update Version 311A0700 (v0700)


File Name: VXi2-BIOS-0700.exe
Version: 311A0700
Posted: May 23, 2001
Operating Systems: Windows 98, Windows NT 4, Windows 2000
Description: Versa VXi (8MB Video) BIOS Update Version 311A0700 (v0700).
Changes implemented:

  • None. First official release.
  • Refer to the Updates.txt file for the history of BIOS changes.
    Tech Notes
    Platform Name: Versa VXi (L1g) Product Name: System BIOS BIOS Version: 311A0700 with Security OEM BIOS Version: 07 CORE BIOS Version: 631.01 Chipset BIOS Version: Intel Banister/BX NB Core Version: 1.12 Base AMIBIOS Version: BUILD019 Base ACPI Version: 02-16-01 VGA BIOS Version: 4.221T-E Engineer Name: Hiroyuki Takashima Relese Engineer Name: Anna Lesnik Build Date: 02/16/2001 Release Date: 02/27/2001 RELEASE NOTES: This release number 311A0700 (v0700) is for the NEC L1g AMI BIOS. Use BIOS Update Diskette (BUD) or BIOS Update Diskette LITE (budlite) version 4.60.01 to flash any Versa VXi to System BIOS version 311A0700 (v0700). This BIOS is released by Vibren Technologies, Boxborough. ADDED FEATURES: < System BIOS > - None - first release < VGA BIOS > - None - first release. < ACPI, ASL > - None - first release. BUGS FIXED: - None - first release. BOOTBLOCK: Recovery procedure for flashing the bios if the system has the wrong bios in rom. This Bios contains the bootblock code to use a file with the name NEWBIOS.ROM. If this file is present on a floppy drive when cold booted with an external keyboard attached while pressing this bios will be loaded into the Bios Rom. If a wrong bios has been flashed and the system is inoperative do the following steps to recover using a bootblock floppy: 1). Power down the system. 2). Copy ROM file into Bootable diskette in the name of NEWBIOS.ROM, and insert the diskette to machine. 3). Attach an external keyboard. 4). Press and hold the keys. 5). Power up the system and continue to hold . 6). There will be no video, this is normal. 7). Wait until you hear diskette activity and release keys. 8). System will beep at the end of bootblock and the system will reboot. 9). The system should boot normally now. (ie. press F1 to set CMOS defaults) 10). Next power down you can remove the external keyboard. KNOWN RESTRICTIONS: None TEST RECOMMENDATIONS: - Please note setting DIP_SW when you test each model of the fingerprint/PHS/CD_KEY/OZ007. (Refer to "APPENDIX") REFERENCES: AMIBIOS release documents for 631 core release. PREVIOUSLY RELEASED COMPONENTS: None. DIFFERENCES: - None - first release COMPRESSED FILES: None. APPENDIX: IRQ map: IRQ APM/ACPI Mode 0 Timer 1 KB 2 PIC 3 (free)(IR) 4 Serial 5 CardBus/MiniPCI/AC Link/1394 6 FD 7 LPT 8 RTC 9 (USB)(@)/SCI(only ACPI) 10 CardBus/MiniPCI/AC Link/Video/1394 11 free 12 Mouse 13 NDP 14 PrimaryIDE 15 free (@)USB is set to Disabled in BIOS

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