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Versa VXi (8MB Video) BIOS Update Version 311A1200


File Name: VXi2-BIOS-311A1200.exe
Version: 311A1200
Posted: Sep 5, 2002
Operating Systems: DOS, Windows 3.x, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT 3.51, Windows NT 4, Windows 2000, Windows Me
Description: Versa VXi (8MB Video) BIOS Update Version 311A1200.
Tech Notes
Release Type: External Platform Name: Versa VXi (L1g) Product Name: BIOS UPDATE DISKETTE & BIOS UPDATE DISKETTES LITE Version: 4.60.03 System BIOS Version: 311A1200 with Security (v1200) NBUU Version: 1.02.26 Engineer Name: Serge Laferriere BUD Part #: 819-074BUU-5712 BUDLite (US) Part #: 819-074BLU-5712 Build Date: 08/07/2002 Release Date: 08/29/2002 RELEASE NOTES: This is a BIOS Update Diskette and BIOS Update Diskettes Lite for NEC Versa VXi (L1g). These diskettes will flash any NEC Versa VXi (L1g) systems to System BIOS version 311A1200 (v1200). ADDED FEATURES: - None < VGA BIOS > - None < ACPI, ASL > - None < BUD\BUDlite > - None. BUGS FIXED: - Fixed keyboard melt issue for APM mode. KNOWN RESTRICTIONS: < BUD > NBUU 1.02.26 requires DOSMM.COM v1.3 (or higher) , CIMEDIT.EXE v1.00.02 (or higher), and SMEDIT.EXE v1.00.00 (or higher) on any BUD or BUDlite diskettes to work properly. The BUD diskette does not require a boot signature in its boot sector and will flash on warm boot. < BUDlite > The new BUD diskette must be used in MS-DOS based systems, i.e., MS-DOS, Windows, Windows for WorkGroups and Windows 95. It will not work with other operating systems like Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows Millenium, Linux, or OS/2. The new BUD diskette must be write protected and left write protected until it is ready to be used at the customer site. Windows 95 or 98 (as part of its virus protection mechanism) is known to overwrite and encode the diskette's boot sector. Avoid writing to the diskette either directly (ex. copy ) or indirectly (ex. Dos editor) to the diskette. TEST RECOMMENDATIONS: - Please note setting DIP_SW when you test each model of the fingerprint/PHS/CD_KEY/OZ007. (Refer to "APPENDIX" in BIOS Release Note) PREVIOUSLY RELEASED COMPONENTS: NEC Versa LXi (L1g) System BIOS v311A1200 (v1200) NBUU version 1.02.26 (02160102) BUDLiteX Utilities V1.00.05 (06250201 or 819-077467-000) DOSMM.COM version 1.3 (10289802) CIMEDIT.EXE version 1.00.02 (04069901) SMEDIT.EXE version 1.00.00 (10229903) DIFFERENCES: New DIRECTORY : v4.60.03 Old ARCHIVE/SNAP : v4.60.03 Diff status Old Date/time Full filename ----------- ----- ------- ------------- CRC differs Newer NBUU.DAT CRC differs Newer newbios.rom CRC differs Newer version ----------- ----- ------- ------------- COMPRESSED FILES: None. BUILD PROCEDURE: Please use DOS 6.22 for building this BUD. (Bud is now released and is also needed to make the BUDLite.) PART I - Create a BUILD subdirectory and copy the BUD BUILD tools. Make the build subdirectory and cd into it. c:\md NECBUD c:\cd NECBUD Get the NBUU Release v1.02.26 from the Software Release Library. PART II - Create BUD diskette Format 1.44 floppy (with DOS 6.22 or higher): format a:/s/u/v:"" (No label). Delete A:\COMMAND.COM Delete A:\DRVSPACE.BIN Get the L1G ROM version 311A1200. (File 311A1200.ROM). Copy the 311A0800.ROM file to a: and rename it to NEWBIOS.ROM: copy/b [path]311A1200.rom a:\NewBios.rom Copy nbuu.exe to a: Create a config.sys file that contains the following text: rem fast and prevent 'clean' boot switches=/F/N rem only nbuu.exe runs shell=nbuu.exe Copy config.sys to a: Copy NBUU.dat from sources archive for respective version of NBUU utility located in "\exe\example" of that archive and modify the nbuu.dat to look as follows: ***** begin of NBUU.DAT ************** # This file is used by NBUU.EXE # all lines that begin with '#' are skipped # NBUU.EXE reads only two lines from this file and then retrieves # information about the machine and new ROM(s) from them. # # Format is: # (hex) (hex) (hex) (hex) (hex) (hex) (dec) (ASCII str) # MachineID NewBiosChkSum ROM1Loc ROM1LenK ROM2Loc ROM2LenK VerLen NewBiosVer 105E 96f5 FFF80000 200 0 0 8 311A1200 # (hex) (hex) (hex) (hex) (hex) (dec) (dec) (ASCII str) # FlashID0 FlashID1 FlashID2 FlashID3 FlashID4 RomWidth Custom ProgramBB 46DA 04BF 46DA 04BF 46DA 1 1 1 ***** end of NBUU.DAT ************** Please make sure that following fields are correct: machineID is the unique word at f000:ff40 that is assigned to each NEC system. NewBiosChkSum can be generated by running Fchksum.exe from release archive for respective version of NBUU utility: fchksum a:\newbios.rom 512. It is the checksum of the new BIOS ROM file. NewBiosVer is the new BIOS version. Copy nbuu.dat from your working directory to a: At this point BUD consist of bootable floppy with the following files: - config.sys - nbuu.dat - nbuu.exe - newbios.rom Create file called "VERSION" (no extension). (Don't include lines that begin with ****. Example file can be found in the .\example directory). ****Begin of file**** ;BIOS Update Disk ;For the NEC Versa LXi ;BUD Version 4.60.03 ;NBUU Version 1.02.26 ; From: Any Version ; To: 311A1200 ****End of file**** Get the released copy of DOSMM.COM v1.3 and copy to A: Get the released copy of CIMEDIT.EXE v1.00.02 and copy to A: Get the released copy of SMEDIT.EXE v1.00.00 and copy to A: The BUD should be now a bootable diskette containing: config.sys, nbuu.dat, nbuu.exe, newbios.rom,, cimedit.exe, and version. PART III - Create the BUDLITE diskette: 1. Retrieve the releases to BUDLITEX v1.00.05 2. Go to the DOS prompt. 3. Create a working directory on your hard disk and unzip the BUDLITEX there. 4. Run the batch file BUDLITE BUDLITE will prompt you to insert the original BUD diskette. It will then copy all non-system files from the diskette to a temporary subdirectory of your working directory. You will be asked if the BUDlite is for Europe [y/n]. (Answer "N" for U.S. builds and "Y" for European.) It will then prompt you for another diskette, to which it will copy all the original BUD's non-system files. Finally it will copy INSTALL.BAT, TECHSPRT.BAT(if U.S.), BIOSUPD.TXT, WELCOME.TXT (or EWELCOM.txt - for European build), and README.TXT onto the newly created BUD diskette. 5. Write protect the diskette immediately.

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