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Video Drivers for NEC Versa S940 Versa P600

Download Video Drivers for NEC Versa S940 Versa P600,and other nec Versa driver.Intel Extreme Graphics 2 Video Controller,The Intel?855GM(E) and 852GM(E) chipsets feature the Intel?Extreme Graphics 2, offering architectural enhancements for realistic 3D and 2D graphics and an improved balanced memory management architecture for optimal system performance.

Enhanced Rapid Pixel and Texel Rendering (RPTR) speeds-up visual effects without affecting system performance. Results are sharp images, fast rendering, smooth motion and amazing graphics details.

Dynamic Video Memory Technology v2.0 (DVMT) provides efficient and optimized usage of system memory for graphics. Graphics memory is allocated in system memory as needed to balance memory usage among the operating system, applications, and graphics.

Zone Rendering 2 (ZR2) technology. Unique technology for drawing 3D scenes that optimizes performance between graphics and system functions.
Intelligent Memory Management (IMM) provides optimized memory management for dual channel memory interface and faster Front-side Bus (FSB) to optimize both graphics and system performance using shared system memory. The Extreme Graphics 2 core supports the latest 2D and 3D APIs, delivering real-life environment and character effects. A 256-bit internal path enables up to four textures per pixel on a single pass for super light maps, atmospheric effects, and more realistic surface details. Flexible display capabilities enhance the personal computing experience, offering significant benefits for applications requiring 32bpp and higher display resolution.

Install Notes  
Install Notes Double click the file to download it to the accurate C:\Pnp folder
Double click on the executable setup in the C:\Pnp folder
Follow instructions in the screen
Importance Normal
Operating System WinXP

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